Electrical & Computer Engineering

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Code Samples:

Here you will find C++ implementations of some basic classes, templates, and libraries that we frequently use in CS1037 for lectures, labs, and homework assignments. DISCLAIMER: typically, each specific lab or assignment comes with its own separate copy of all necessary files (compressed in a .zip) which may be slightly different from the code below. The files below are given as samples of code for reference purposes only.

Utility Libraries (for 32-bit Windows)

description Header file Implementation file
basic key/mouse and graphical I/O cs037util.h cs037util.cpp
basic image processing cs037improc.h cs037improc.cpp

Templated Classes for Data Structures

description Header file Implementation file
array-based bag Bag.h Bag.template
array-based list List.h List.template
ordered list OrderedList.h OrderedList.template
basic comparison functors StandardFunctors.h
list-based stack Stack.h Stack.template
linked list LinkedList.h LinkedList.template
queue based on linked list Queue.h Queue.template
binary search trees BST.h BST.template

Other Basic Classes

description Header file Implementation file
integer 2D point Point.h Point.cpp
integer rectangle Rect.h Rect.cpp
basic game card Card.h Card.cpp
card for basic graphical interface VisualCard.h VisualCard.cpp
cards with "fancy" graphics ImageCard.h (N/A yet) ImageCard.cpp (N/A yet)
2D tables (image processing/rendering) Table2D.h (N/A yet) Table2D.cpp (N/A yet)